Man holding a bag from Stage Deli

Looking To the Future While Celebrating the Past Keeps This Iconic Deli Afloat

When Steve Goldberg, owner of metro Detroit’s Stage Deli, first saw the pandemic hit Michigan last year, he knew it was the right time to pivot to e-commerce. It had been on his mind for a while, so when state lockdowns were put into place, it felt natural to

Woman reviewing business data on a computer

Track Your Leads and Increase Your Sales

The world is full of potential clients. They’re the people who Google your company, click on your Facebook ad campaign and hear about your services from a friend. But all those potential clients are just that—potential—until you follow up.Sales lead tracking software makes following up easy. It can record

Person using biometric authentification on a phone

The Future of Biometric Authentication for Small Business Payments

The move to a cashless world has been game-changing for small businesses for convenience and flexibility. But there’s still one giant issue both consumers and vendors face when making or offering newer payment options: security. While transaction numbers are rising, according to the Pew Research Center, at least 38%

Person on a computer looking at an email alert

Protect Your Small Business From Phishing Emails

Phishing is a type of online scam in which someone sends an email pretending to be someone else. Fraudsters might send messages impersonating your financial institutions to trick you into providing account information so they can steal your money. They might send messages directing you to websites that install

Person using Google on a phone

An Introduction to Google Ads for Small Businesses

Google isn’t a search company, it’s an online advertising company. Whenever you search for anything on Google, at the very top of the results are ads Google got paid to show. Below those, you get to the regular search listings.For small businesses, paying for Google Ads can be a

Video Games Can Help You Motivate Your Employees

Playing video games, also called esports, is the new way to teach the value of teamwork. A 2018 study by professors at Brigham Young University reported at that work teams significant increase after playing video games for just 45 minutes.Make popular video games part of your workplace culture

Man talking on his phone while on his laptop

How Do Data Caps Affect Small Businesses?

Think about the flow of data in your business. Whenever you or anyone uses your business’s internet connection, you’re all sending data to and from your various devices. From emailing to uploading content to social media to tracking shipments and downloading documents, every activity contributes to your data usage.If