Hands holding a tablet looking at a data protection screen

How to Train Employees to Keep Data Safe

If you think your company is too small to become a target of cyber attackers, consider this. Large-scale cyber attacks skyrocketed this year, with documented hacks up 273% according to CNBC. And 28% of attacks involved small businesses.Your staff members are your first line of defense. If you don’t instruct

Woman in a boutique working on a computer and a calculator

What Kind of Digital Footprint Does Your Business Leave Behind?

You know that when you log in and use your personal accounts you’re leaving a trail of information across the internet. This makes it easier to personalize your experience online and see information relevant to you. And you know to pay attention to security and privacy while you’re at

Man installing a security camera

The Top 5 Security Issues for a Small Business

Like many business owners, you’re tuned into media stories about security, both physical and digital. It can be daunting to try to figure out what’s a must-have and what’s overkill for your particular company, especially when you have so many aspects of your business to look after.We’ve identified the