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Yes, You Can Get Listed in the Google Local 3-Pack

The Google Local 3-Pack is the list of three businesses below Google’s paid ads, but above the organic search results. Getting your business listed there can drive a huge amount of search traffic—and it's possible to do without spending money on “local search experts.”Let’s look at an example. If

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How To Improve My Business’ Ranking on Google

Google and other search engines are incredibly important for small businesses. They're a key source for new customers, and existing customers will use them to confirm your phone number, address, hours of operation, specials and the like. If your business doesn’t rank well, to the internet, it doesn’t exist.Don’t

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How To Get Your Business Listed On Google

When potential customers go looking for your business, there’s a very good chance they’re using Google. It has nearly a 90% share of all web searches in North America, so it’s incredibly important that your website is listed properly online for people to find.Customers (or potential customers) use Google

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Do You Need a Backlink Strategy for Your Small Business Website?

Backlinks are one part of how Google and other search engines decide which websites to show when people search for something. Let’s look at what they are, how to get them and how they can affect your small business.Backlinks and SEO“Backlink” is search engine optimization (SEO) speak for a