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How a Small Business Can Use Cloud Computing To Save Money

Outwardly, your business looks pretty busy to your customers, and behind the scenes you’ve got a whole infrastructure you have to keep running, too. Accounting, supply chain, project management, delivery, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, payroll. It all adds up in time, people and money.Small business owners have taken

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Cloud Backup Solutions: What’s Right for Your Business?

If you’re still only backing up all of your files locally on your computer, all it takes is a malware attack to expose your information, not to mention theft, flooding, fire or other disasters that can destroy your computers and ruin your business. Data loss prevention should be a

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The Business of Upload and Download Speeds

With so much of everyday business now being done online using cloud-based software and services—from data backups to telehealth services to Teams and Zoom calls and teleconferences—your internet speed directly affects your productivity and bottom line. If your internet service provider’s upload and download speeds aren’t up to these