Woman talking during a livestream

Best Ways To Use Livestreaming for Your Business

Livestreaming has been hugely popular in building audiences in online gaming. You now have a chance to get more interest in your business products and services by using many of the same ideas gamers and entertainers have been employing for years in front of online audiences.Whether you own a

Woman reviewing an app on her phone

Why Should My Business Have an App?

Having a mobile app isn’t just for big businesses or tech companies. Your app can be a good way to build brand loyalty and business engagement and allow your business to offer something a little different from what your competitors may be offering.Creating a smartphone app and training yourself

Two people working at a desk

What Are the Digital Must-Haves To Run My Small Business?

Once your business is up and running, you need to think about growing it. This is where business software can help. You don't have to spend a fortune, as plenty of free and inexpensive business-technology tools can take your small business to the next level.Begin with just a few

Person sitting at a desk reviewing some receipts

These Contractors Built a Better Business with Technology

There comes a time when even a business built on handmade craftsmanship discovers a new skill set in technology. This is what Ward and Teresa Harrington, owners of WTH Custom of Moses Lake, WA, a contracting business specializing in residential remodels, learned when when they set out to match

Woman smiling at a message on her phone

Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Business Texting

Texting isn't just to say hi to your friends anymore. Businesses are increasingly adopting text messaging to reach out to customers—and customers to businesses. Research from Zipwhip shows that 68% of businesses are already using texting today, and 91% of consumers are receiving text messages from a business. This

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Use Software to Help Your Small Business

In the life of your small business, you may find that  to be successful and grow, you need expertise in accounting or project management and customer relationship management. Software companies know this. Many quick-to-learn, easy-to-master programs automate these functions to help keep your transactions accurate and organized. Here are