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Do You Need a Backlink Strategy for Your Small Business Website?

Backlinks are one part of how Google and other search engines decide which websites to show when people search for something. Let’s look at what they are, how to get them and how they can affect your small business.Backlinks and SEO“Backlink” is search engine optimization (SEO) speak for a

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Help, I Can’t Write! Are Digital Rewriting Tools a Good Idea?

If writing for your business blog or website is a task you dread, don’t waste your valuable time. Help is out there with digital writing programs. Using AI technology or the skills of real people, digital writing programs will help you get your points across in an easy-to-read, understandable

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Yes, Your Small Business Can Afford IT Support

Is your office printer broken or your Wi-Fi down? No big deal if you have an IT department, but without in-house tech help, these can be costly and time-consuming problems to solve for a small business.Getting good IT support doesn’t have to mean the expense of hiring a full-time

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Best Ways To Use Livestreaming for Your Business

Livestreaming has been hugely popular in building audiences in online gaming. You now have a chance to get more interest in your business products and services by using many of the same ideas gamers and entertainers have been employing for years in front of online audiences.Whether you own a

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Why Should My Business Have an App?

Having a mobile app isn’t just for big businesses or tech companies. Your app can be a good way to build brand loyalty and business engagement and allow your business to offer something a little different from what your competitors may be offering.Creating a smartphone app and training yourself

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4 Basics About Video Hosting for Your Small Business

If you’re getting ready to put videos on your website to help explain products, share new item releases and offer tutorials, you’re headed in the right direction. Video content is king.The videos you create have to live somewhere, and that’s on a video hosting platform. Some video hosting platforms

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Cloud Backup Solutions: What’s Right for Your Business?

If you’re still only backing up all of your files locally on your computer, all it takes is a malware attack to expose your information, not to mention theft, flooding, fire or other disasters that can destroy your computers and ruin your business. Data loss prevention should be a

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Building Back: Adding E-Commerce To Your Business

E-commerce presents opportunities to move some of your business online, grow your customer base and insulate your business from future uncertainty. A 2020 e-commerce report by eMarketer predicted U.S. online sales of just over $7 billion, an 18% increase over 2019. If potential customers can’t currently buy from your

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What Are the Digital Must-Haves To Run My Small Business?

Once your business is up and running, you need to think about growing it. This is where business software can help. You don't have to spend a fortune, as plenty of free and inexpensive business-technology tools can take your small business to the next level.Begin with just a few

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Disasters

If you were caught off guard by COVID-19 or storms, floods, fires, or outages, there are many technology tools that can keep you focused.Companies that embrace technology can use that tech as insurance, working to protect their bottom line by leveraging a variety of tools and changing the way