Person scanning a QR code with a phone

QR Code Resurgence: The Unexpected Benefits of Using QR Codes at Your Small Business

Whether you’re running a restaurant, managing a bookstore or overseeing a doctor’s office, QR codes could be the key to making both your staff and your customers feel more safe and connected during the pandemic and beyond.Around since the '90s, the square matrix barcodes have ebbed and flowed in

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10 Apps To Help Boost Your Employee and Business Productivity

Stop checking your email. Stop spending precious hours in meetings. It’s time to get organized and get your business moving. You’ve told yourself all of this in the past, but the “busy work” keeps piling up.There are ways to get out from under the weight of your responsibilities, and

Person reviewing business metrics on a tablet

Is CRM Software Right for Me?

Are you keeping track of customers and new leads on Excel spreadsheets? On documents? In the notes app of your smartphone? Why?When your business is really small it's one thing, but as you get more customers and sales leads, it's harder to use these methods to record all the

Two men talking at a desk looking at a 3D printer

7 Emerging Technologies & What They Mean for Your Business

The world is changing fast, and while we don’t yet have flying cars, self-driving ones are on the way. Emerging technology, though, attracts a lot of jargon and buzzwords that often obscure what it really means for you and your business. If you’ve ever wondered if “machine learning” was

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10 Small Business Websites Creating Content We Love

As a small business owner transitioning to e-commerce, you know great content is important to your success. Having the right messages, told in the right way, on your active social media pages, newsletter and blog will help people discover you, giving you the opportunity to generate visitors and turn

Person at a desk looking at a virtual private network on a computer

Setting Up a VPN for Your Small Business

When the pandemic first hit and employees moved to working from home, many of them logged in without security. It became very clear very soon that security needed to exist outside the boundaries of the office. Small businesses needed a solution to enable remote secure access to documents, files

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Do You Need a Backlink Strategy for Your Small Business Website?

Backlinks are one part of how Google and other search engines decide which websites to show when people search for something. Let’s look at what they are, how to get them and how they can affect your small business.Backlinks and SEO“Backlink” is search engine optimization (SEO) speak for a

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Help, I Can’t Write! Are Digital Rewriting Tools a Good Idea?

If writing for your business blog or website is a task you dread, don’t waste your valuable time. Help is out there with digital writing programs. Using AI technology or the skills of real people, digital writing programs will help you get your points across in an easy-to-read, understandable

Woman sitting at a computer providing IT support

Yes, Your Small Business Can Afford IT Support

Is your office printer broken or your Wi-Fi down? No big deal if you have an IT department, but without in-house tech help, these can be costly and time-consuming problems to solve for a small business.Getting good IT support doesn’t have to mean the expense of hiring a full-time

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Best Ways To Use Livestreaming for Your Business

Livestreaming has been hugely popular in building audiences in online gaming. You now have a chance to get more interest in your business products and services by using many of the same ideas gamers and entertainers have been employing for years in front of online audiences.Whether you own a