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Track Your Leads and Increase Your Sales

The world is full of potential clients. They’re the people who Google your company, click on your Facebook ad campaign and hear about your services from a friend. But all those potential clients are just that—potential—until you follow up.Sales lead tracking software makes following up easy. It can record

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Social Media 101 for Small Businesses

Now, more than ever, is a great time for your small business to be on social media.“Pivot” has been the theme of the past year, especially for small businesses. Most have had to rethink the ways they’ve operated, whether that’s experimenting with e-commerce, changing up marketing strategies or all

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An Introduction to Google Ads for Small Businesses

Google isn’t a search company, it’s an online advertising company. Whenever you search for anything on Google, at the very top of the results are ads Google got paid to show. Below those, you get to the regular search listings.For small businesses, paying for Google Ads can be a

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Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Business Texting

Texting isn't just to say hi to your friends anymore. Businesses are increasingly adopting text messaging to reach out to customers—and customers to businesses. Research from Zipwhip shows that 68% of businesses are already using texting today, and 91% of consumers are receiving text messages from a business. This

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Reach Your Small Business Customers with Email Marketing

Does email marketing still work? Considering the number of emails in your mailbox, it's clear marketers still believe. And, in fact, email works. HubSpot reports that nearly 80% of marketers noted an increase in email engagement in 2019, and another study described at Litmus finds a whopping 42 to

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4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Video Content

As a small business owner, you understand very well that every little thing you can do for your customers could mean a big payoff in loyalty. Customer experience, known as CX, describes how customers experience your business. This accumulation of every interaction between you and your customers, whether live,

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How to Deal with Negative Feedback Online

These days, online reviews can make or break your business. Data from Invespro shows that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and 72% say that positive reviews make them trust a business more. But what if the reviews aren’t so positive? Synup’s recent State of Retail report found 82%

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What LinkedIn Can Do For a Small Business

Sure, you have a personal LinkedIn page—but does your business need one, too? The answer may depend on who you’re trying to reach. There are millions of people in the LinkedIn audience, and you can join in their business conversation and raise your business profile.Consider this data from LinkedIn

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6 Tips for Starting a Business Instagram

Should your business be on Instagram? If you’re just starting out with your company’s social media, Instagram is a great first step. This visual-centric platform allows you to quickly create a profile, discover other relevant accounts and begin building your library of posts. While industries such as travel, beauty, fashion,