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How To Grow Your Business by Partnering With Other Local Small Businesses

More resources. More connections. More ideas. That's what you need to make more of your business. One place you could find all of these is in partnerships with other smart, motivated, connected small businesses in your area. Check out this guide to making it work.What are the benefits of

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How To Optimize Your Website With Local Content

Google and other search engines are hugely important for local businesses. According to Social Media Today, nearly half of all Google searches have “local intent,” where the searcher is looking for information about something near them. And 97% of search engine users have used Google to find local businesses,

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How To Create the Best Long-Term SEO Strategy for Your Small Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your business requires a long-term plan if you want to be successful. A short-term, scattershot strategy will, at best, get you nowhere and, at worst, get you penalized by Google and Bing.According to a survey by The Manifest, about 70% of small businesses don’t

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Here’s What Chatbots Can Do for Your Small Business

Chatbots are small—living down in the corner of your website—but they are mighty. They have direct contact with your customers, after all. You might assume chatbots are only for large companies with tens of thousands, even millions, of customers. But know this: Chatbots can be great (and affordable) assets

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Are Social Media Links Important for My Business?

Social media is a big part of modern life. According to Statista, in the U.S., people spend an average of more than two hours using it every day. That time is split between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other smaller sites. Getting people to share links

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4 Ideas for Great Video Content on Your Site

When it comes to promoting your business online, video content is king. It drives traffic to your site and keeps it there by engaging viewers like no other. If you need proof, consider this: A Wyzowl study found that 96% of respondents have watched an explainer video to learn more

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How To Use Facebook Live To Promote Your Small Business

Livestreaming has become an essential tool for enhancing your business’ social media presence to both attract new customers and deepen your connection with your existing customers. Facebook Live is a great tool to make it happen. It’s simple to promote and broadcast, and it allows you to interact with

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Lead Tracking Software

The multitudes of lead tracking platforms on the market promise small businesses game-changing results. Manage your sales pipeline! Increase efficiency! Maximize sales!If you’re a small business owner who has built a client base from the ground up, you may be skeptical. What can a lead tracking platform do that

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Should I Think About Podcasting?

When you've got a lot to say about your business or your industry, podcasts are a unique way to connect to your audience. Think of your podcast as your opportunity to sit down for a great one-on-one conversation—even though you can be talking to many thousands of people. With

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How To Optimize Your Small Business’ Online Profiles

Yes, your business is online. You have a website, you’re active on social media platforms, you make sure Google knows about you, you're listed on the right review sites and you’re tapped into the right search sites for the business you’re in.Yes, but. For each of those places where