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Ronda Swaney is an award-winning B2B writer and ghostwriter. For 20 years, she has written about technology and healthcare for clients ranging from up-and-coming SMBs to Fortune 50 tech giants.

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4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Video Content

As a small business owner, you understand very well that every little thing you can do for your customers could mean a big payoff in loyalty. Customer experience, known as CX, describes how customers experience your business. This accumulation of every interaction between you and your customers, whether live,

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Is Digital Signage Right for You?

Imagine erecting a digital sign that also tracks traffic volume and links that traffic to actual visitors to your store. That’s how IKEA used its digital signage in Russia, according to Digital Signage Today.Think of retail innovators like H&M using a voice interactive mirror, located at the flagship store

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What LinkedIn Can Do For a Small Business

Sure, you have a personal LinkedIn page—but does your business need one, too? The answer may depend on who you’re trying to reach. There are millions of people in the LinkedIn audience, and you can join in their business conversation and raise your business profile.Consider this data from LinkedIn