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Rachelle Dragani is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. She has more than 10 years experience covering technology, with a focus on security and innovation in the small business space. Her work has appeared in publications including Futurism, Gizmodo, TIME Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Yahoo, and more.

Reach Your Customers With Geotargeting

Shoppers today are demanding. They want to be able to get what they want when they want it. And where they want. So all they have to do is pick up their smart device, tap in a search and find out what’s near them that very minute.This has had

IoT Safety and Security: Guide To Choosing Smart Devices for Your Business

With promises of efficiency, reduced cost of operations and better productivity, it’s tempting to fill your business with the smartest IoT devices, such as thermostats, locks and lightbulbs. As long as you have the right ones.In the rush to get in on the fun, too many businesses have ended

6 Restaurant Technologies Your Customers Will Love in 2022

The pandemic has forced many restaurant owners to adapt to new ways of doing business. Ready for the good news? While you’ve been busy changing, smart minds have been at work designing the restaurant technology solutions that will minimize your headaches and maximize your revenue going forward.From IoT devices

7 Things To Look For When Choosing Your Business Internet Provider

The service you get from your business internet service provider (ISP) will determine how speedy your connection gets and how safe it stays, and this impacts how your team communicates with each other and with your customers. In short, choosing a great provider is a critical step in helping

8 Digital Marketing Tips To Attract Tourism in the Off-Season

In the travel industry, these days “business as usual” isn’t, well, business as usual. Even as travel resumes, it’s taking a new form. While everyone could still use a getaway, there are all kinds of factors—safety protocols, cautions, schedules, budgets—preventing people from getting back into their old travel routines. You

Flower shop cashier handing business card to customer.

7 Reasons Your Business Card Needs a QR Code

You’re more than the tiny description of yourself on your business card. But how can you convey this to the rest of the world? There’s one great way: a QR code. The pixelated squares are small enough to fit on any business card, but the information embedded within can

Woman at computer shipping a package

6 Tips for Maintaining E-Commerce Growth Beyond the Pandemic

With the rapid rise of online shopping during the pandemic, your business may have been forced to quickly pivot to more of an e-commerce model than you ever had before.Shopping online is here to stay—for you and your customers. There are several ways you can boost your online retail

Women at restaurant working with an IoT device

5 Easy, Affordable IoT Solutions for Restaurants

Simple, easy-to-use and affordable Internet of Things (IoT) devices are helping restaurant owners do their jobs better every day. From improving the customer experience to cost savings to compliance monitoring, there’s likely a situation you’ve got that can be enhanced with an intelligent device. And game-changing smart tech can

Woman on sofa shopping online using her phone

Is Your Online Store Ready for Gen Z E-Commerce Shoppers?

There’s a new crowd of online shoppers in town: Generation Z. Digital natives accustomed to buying with one click, they’re changing the online shopping landscape—which means, as an online retailer, you have to evolve with them. Whether you’ve added an e-commerce element to your offerings in the wake of the

Man checking his email on his laptop computer

Newsletter Best Practices To Take Your Business to the Next Level

What drives website traffic, promotes products, boosts loyalty and attracts new and unexpected customers?It could just be your company’s newsletter. With more information than a weekly coupon bulletin or a quick email marketing blast, a business newsletter is a curated and personal message, a bright spot in a customer’s