Kim Key

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Kim Key is a tech and culture writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. She started her career in local tv news, then spent several years with CNN Sports where she covered major events like the Olympics, the World Cup, the Masters, the Superbowl and the NBA Finals. Currently Kim is a freelance writer covering everything from video games to modern psychology. She has a degree in Broadcast News from the University of Georgia.

Laptop Or Desktop? How It Makes a Difference For Your Business

Computers are a big capital expense so you want to do it right. If you go for the mobility of a laptop, are you giving up performance and capabilities of a desktop? And if you’ve been in business, COVID-19 might have caught you off guard, scrambling to outfit your

Video Games Can Help You Motivate Your Employees

Playing video games, also called esports, is the new way to teach the value of teamwork. A 2018 study by professors at Brigham Young University reported at that work teams significant increase after playing video games for just 45 minutes.Make popular video games part of your workplace culture

TV monitor on wall being measured with a tape measure

Buying the Right TV for Your Business

Today's televisions use a wide range of technologies that are put to use in a variety of different settings: bars, restaurants, salons, medical office waiting rooms, auto repair shops, car dealerships and gyms. Knowing what to look for when you walk into a store or start your search online