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Elissa has spent much of her career writing for and about small businesses. She prides herself on her ability to illuminate complicated topics to trigger ah-ha moments for readers, a skill honed while teaching composition courses at Youngstown State University and writing technical documentation and how-to articles for software users. The best part of Elissa’s job is the learning she gets to do along the way. She’s based in Ohio, where she spends much of her time chasing her toddler and reading him countless books.

Two people in a shipping warehouse conversating while looking at a tablet

Could You Manage Your Supply Chain Better?

When you’re so focused on your store’s supply chain, it’s hard to focus on anything else. The everyday demands of monitoring inventory, tracking orders and managing order fulfillment, shipping and returns leaves little focus for building customer relationships or finding the next big thing you want to carry in

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How To Use Facebook Live To Promote Your Small Business

Livestreaming has become an essential tool for enhancing your business’ social media presence to both attract new customers and deepen your connection with your existing customers. Facebook Live is a great tool to make it happen. It’s simple to promote and broadcast, and it allows you to interact with

Woman backing up files on a computer

5 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Disasters

If you were caught off guard by COVID-19 or storms, floods, fires, or outages, there are many technology tools that can keep you focused.Companies that embrace technology can use that tech as insurance, working to protect their bottom line by leveraging a variety of tools and changing the way

One Hot Cookie founders

Baking in Flexibility to Survive Online

Turning into a smart e-commerce destination was not in the plans when mother-daughter team Bergen Giordani and Morgen Chretien opened One Hot Cookie in Youngstown, Ohio, in 2013, and later a second store in nearby Boardman.Although they had launched a website, working with Youngstown State University students who took

The Business of Upload and Download Speeds

With so much of everyday business now being done online using cloud-based software and services—from data backups to telehealth services to Teams and Zoom calls and teleconferences—your internet speed directly affects your productivity and bottom line. If your internet service provider’s upload and download speeds aren’t up to these

Choosing an Internet Speed that Works For Your Business and Your Budget

One of your small business’s most vital budget lines is likely your internet bill. Internet service may be a small monthly cost relative to some of your other expenses, but modern business relies on the internet for so many everyday operations that it’s an expense worth looking at a

Which Fiber-Optic Internet Speed Works for Your Business and Budget?

Fiber-optic internet offers a more reliable service with more consistent speed and almost equal download and upload rates. This is important for businesses that use numerous cloud-based applications to run your business or do a great deal of large file uploading, downloading and sharing. Fiber internet is also scalable,